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Access the money you need to fund your dreams.

A personal loan can give you access to extra money to pay for something bigger than your everyday purchases, it could be for a car, a wedding, a holiday, home deposit gap finance or even for some home renovations.

No matter what you plan to take a personal loan out for, what you'll want to look for in a personal loan is the same. You'll want a loan that you can afford to pay back, with a competitive interest rate and over a time frame that allows you to make the payments without falling behind.

A conditional approval for a personal loan is when a bank or lender will assess whether you qualify for a loan. This saves you from having to submit a formal loan application that can damage your credit score if rejected.  The pre-approval process varies between lenders, but generally, it requires less documentation than a hard application. Pre-approval is a conditional form of approval based on your meeting of a lender's basic eligibility criteria; however, full loan approval is often dependent on your credit rating and personal circumstances.

It is important to note that pre-approval does not guarantee that you will qualify for a loan that you want to apply for.

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