EOI (Expression of Interest)

Terms to Secure

1. The purchaser/s hereby request that this package be withdrawn from the market as the purchaser/s fully intend to commit to purchasing this package when contracts become available.

2. The purchaser/s further agree to place an initial deposit of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) into the land agent or the developers’ solicitors trust a/c to secure the package shown above. The $1,000 initial deposit is to withdraw the land from the market while all information is delivered to the purchaser/s including contracts. In the event the purchaser/s are unable to proceed with the purchase then the $1,000 will be refunded in full.

3. This EOI is not a building contract and does not obligate the purchaser, developer or builder in any way however, it does express the purchaser/s sincere intent to proceed with the purchase of the home/land package as outlined above. If the purchaser has not proceeded to a contract within 7 days this agreement will lapse and the Developer is within his rights to sell the property to another party and refund this deposit.

Holding Deposit Bank Details: 

The land agent or developer’s solicitors trust account will be sent to you for the initial holding deposit transfer, (The building deposit is not required until contract finance is approved). 

Normal Contract Terms:

Finance Y/N 21 days

Holding Deposit $1,000

Balance of 10% Land Deposit at Unconditional Contract

Builders Deposit 5% payable at Unconditional Contract

Settlement 14 Days from Unconditional Contract

Please fill out our EOI and the correct account details will be emailed back for the holding deposit transfer.