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New Property and Finance Pty Ltd

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Please Note: New Property and Finance Pty Ltd is a marketing company and not a licenced Real Estate Agency. It does not intend to pose as an agent in the relation to the sale of land to any prospective purchaser.

All Land sales are represented for sale through one of our Affiliated Licenced Real Estate Agencies. All the Directors of our company are Licenced Real Estate Agents in their own right.

Affiliated Real Estate Agencies / Agents

  • New Property Australia Pty Ltd Qld Corporate Real Estate Licence 3649866 Expiry: 21/10/2021 (50% Shareholder)
  • U1st Realty Pty Ltd Qld Corporate Real Estate Licence
    4054042 Expiry: 23/09/2023 (0% Shareholder - Independant Agency)
  • Allan Pearson   Qld LREA 4336779  Expiry: 21/10/2023   (LREA & Auctioneer) (25% Shareholder)
  • Jeff Harlow   Qld LREA 4054049 Expiry: 23/09/2023   (LREA) (25% Shareholder)

Finance Through - EZFinance

  • RedCap Finance Brokers - Allan Pearson Credit Representative 523250 of Australian Credit Licence 392611
T. Glen Trafford
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Glen Trafford: Co-Founder

Business Development Manager / Stock & Contract Manager

From his early years, Glen grew up with property and worked on weekends and holidays with his father John, as he bought old buildings and converted them into multiple tenancies. John was ahead of his time for the 1960s, and he realised that high yielding properties in quality locations were desirable. He also realised that Principal & Interest mortgages were unnecessary as he would not be holding these properties long term so even though Interest Only loans were not available through Banks, he found that he could source loans through Solicitors funds. Later in life, John regretted that he hadn’t realised the benefits of holding all of his properties long term. This was a valuable lesson learned by Glen.

Glen brings a wealth of experience and passion, with a solid knowledge of property investment and the design of the built environment. Beginning his career as a Carpenter and Joiner, Glen has extensive knowledge of Building, Development, and Sales processes. Glen transitioned from Carpentry and Joinery and began working in new property sales in 1987 with a company that went on to become a large ASX listed development company in 1993. He co-founded the highly successful investment sales division of the company in 1991 and managed it through until late 1999. He then co-founded an award-winning Building, Development, Finance, and Property Management company that specialised in new investment properties and educating clients in efficient ways of financing, holding and paying off the mortgages on their properties.

Jeff Harlow Photo

Jeff Harlow: Co-Founder

Trust Administration / Property Manager / Sales

My real estate qualifications are as a Property Investor and Rental Property manager of some 25 years. My background is as a tradesman (Fitter) with various private and government companies.  

Are you looking for a real estate agent with Integrity and honesty? Well, look no further - Jeff Harlow's work ethic is built upon a foundation of integrity and forthrightness.

I believe in the principle of - a client for life where possible (not just a one-off transaction).  

Allan Pearson Photo

Allan Pearson: Co-Founder

Finance Advisor / Sales & Marketing Advisor

Allan started in Real Estate as a salesman with Peter Kurts Real Estate (Browns Plains, Qld) in 1989.

My Qualifications include • Bachelor of Social Science • Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) • Certificate IV in Financial Services (Mortgage & Finance Broking) • LREA • Property Investing Business Consultant - Certificate in Business; Certificate in Business Planning and Small Business Management.  

Cashflow Consultant - Personal and/or Business - We help people understand CASHFLOW and its importance to the property investing process. This greatly assists people to Get Finance Ready.

Allan has extensive experience in investment property and finance space.

Adrian Webberley

Adrian Webberley: Co-Founder

Senior Investment Strategist / Marketing Manager

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Marketing, Adrian began working in the financial planning industry. From there he followed his passion for property and began working in the property development and property investment industry. Whilst working for a number of large ASX listed development companies, Adrian gathered key education and skills in developing high yielding and capital growth orientated property investment portfolios.

With diplomas in both financial planning and financial services, Adrian has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the property investment area. To further his knowledge of building and construction Adrian completed a double diploma in Building and Construction management and project management. As a Justice of the Peace Qualified, Adrian is committed to following the judicial and legal processes.

Assisting Australians To Achieve Financial Freedom Through Safe Property Investing.