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Multiple Income Property VIDEOS

Dual Occupancy / Auxilliary Homes

3 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Become a Dual Occupancy Investor:

1. Yield & Capital Growth – These don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

2. Strong Market Demand – There is a massive demand from tenants to rent these properties.

3. Amazing Passive Income – The high positive yields and cash flow that this property investment type offers to enable you to create income streams.

Dual Occupancy / Auxiliary Properties offer a number of key benefits for both Investors and Owner Occupiers:

Ideal For Investors:

  • Cash Flow Positive
  • Great Tax Depreciation
  • Two rental incomes – Provides much higher yield than a single dwelling
  • Only one rates charge
  • One income continues if the other tenant vacates
  • Separate water and power metering
  • No Body Corporate fees • Each unit is completely independent and separately fenced
  • Some designs can be converted into single dwellings later if required
  • Resell to owner-occupiers or investors Ideal

For Owner Occupiers Who Want:

  • Multi-generational living
  • Appears like a single home
  • Independence and privacy from other family members
  • Can be separately rented in the future if required
  • Resell to owner-occupiers or investors
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Duplex Homes

Duplex Investing - What you should consider building a Duplex?

So… What is a duplex? A duplex is a residential building containing two homes that are built on a single block of land and can be individually titled once construction has been completed.

Duplexes are Ideal for investors who wish to:

  • Generate capital uplift after Strata Titling
  • Sell one unit to reduce debt on the one they are keeping
  • Keep both units to generate income
  • Use gearing benefits to assist in cash flow to support the investment
  • Use the cash flow to pay down debts
  • Generate two rents from one block of land

Duplexes can be ideal for owner-occupiers who want:

  • Keep one unit and sell one unit
  • Keep one unit and rent one unit to tenants
  • Accommodate other family members

Our experienced team has been able to streamline the process of undertaking a duplex project to make it a realistic and manageable investment for everyday Australians. We’ve undertaken many successful projects on behalf of our clients.

Rooming Houses

Rooming House or also called...

Community Living /Co-Living Homes

3 Incredible Reasons To Become A Rooming House Investor:

  • Yield & Capital Growth
  • Strong Market Demand
  • Amazing Passive Income

Critical to any property investment is the delivery of a return on that investment. Rooming houses are uniquely strong as a type of property investment. Not only do they offer a high yield, but also capital growth.

Rooming houses offer the opportunity to lease each lettable space separately legally. By doing this, high yields are achievable, and in some cases, 10% or better may be possible.

In Brisbane, this product allows up to 5 self-contained apartment-style studios to be leased out permanently, which is generally the highest and best use of a low-density residential block of land.

  • Rents from this type of dwelling are far higher than letting a single house in the same location.
  • There are no Body Corporate fees, and they have Huge depreciation due to the level of fixtures and fittings.
  • Whilst each habitable space is self-contained, under rooming house legislation, there is a requirement for a common area that includes 1 shared laundry, kitchen, and living area, which allows the higher returns to be achieved.
  • This does vary from council to council.

Now, this is not a new product. In fact, over 200 of these types of homes have been built across the Brisbane area, and we’re not even close to making a dent in the demand from young professional tenants for these self-contained studios.

Specialised Home Builds


SDA dwellings have special design requirements to meet the needs of people who have permanent and significant disabilities. All dwellings must be constructed to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and SDA requirements.

A typical home is normally 3 – 4 bedrooms, housing 2 – 3 people with a disability and 1 carer.

Different home designs are offered to suit tenants requirements, ranging from basic care to full spinal support designs.

SDA dwellings provide tenants with a place to live independently, whilst still receiving the daily care they require.

SDA Homes are broken into four design categories, all with individual specifications and requirements. Below are the four design categories and descriptions of how they are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the disabled tenant. 

As SDA home builds have more requirements and approvals than a standard home, our team makes sure we get it right every time. 

Multiple Income - Small Scale Development Projects

5 Townhouse Site - Small-Scale Development in Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia.

Our client was selling off her commercial property portfolio and was wanting to invest in residential properties.

We identified a suitable site for a small-scale townhouse development of 5 townhouses in Beenleigh, Logan, South of Brisbane CBD and north of the Gold Coast.

Our team created a suitable design for the site and engaged one of our panel of builders to complete the project.

The site was originally zoned for multi-story apartments, but our Town Planner was able to get the Council to approve a small-scale townhouse development.

If you are interested in a town-house development like this one, and would our expert project management assistance in a small-scale done-for-you development, then please inquire below.

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Granny Flats

Adding a legally rentable granny flat to an existing property is a cost-effective high yielding cashflow strategy.