Rooming Houses
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(Co-Living Homes)

RH - Single Storey Facades
RH - Single Storey Floorplan
Rooming House

Build up to 5 Micro-Apartments on 1 Title

We Make Buying A New Rooming Home - Easy!

Built On Your Land or Ours!

Community Living Homes are changing the way Australians are looking at Housing Options available in Australia Today.

Co-Living Homes provides

1. Affordable Housing Options for Tenants

2. Increased Overall Rents for Investors - Better ROI

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NDIS SDA New Homes

Built SDA Social Impact Properties
SDA Floorplan
SDA Social Impact Properties For Sale

New SDA Home and Land Packages

Australian Government-Backed Property Investment Opportunities With Gross Rent Yields from 10% - up to 14%

Gov't Rewards Savvy Investors to Build New NDIS/SDA Investment Homes in areas of identified need. These Purpose-Built NDIS/SDA Homes - are more than just a place to live, they give back dignity to people with disability!

Our goal is to provide eligible NDIS SDA participants with quality specialist accommodation that gives them the housing support they need,


To give our investors a great cash flow return as a reward for building new NDIS/SDA residences that eligible participants are proud to call their own home.

SDA - Specialised Home Types

SDA FA Homes
SDA Robust Homes

The great benefits of investing in an NDIS - SDA home

  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Long Term Lease
  • Bipartisan Government funding for 20 years
  • Socially significant investment (helping Australians with Disabilities)
  • Yields linked to CPI to ensure investment grows

Your income is received in 3 separate payments:

  • Reasonable Rent Contribution,
  • SDA Accommodation payment and
  • Commonwealth Rent Assistance

Subsidies range from $12,419 – $107,236 p.a. per person

Rental income ranges from $84,000 – $107,000 p.a. based on location and type of accommodation provided

Duplex / Triplex New Home Packages

Duplex Facade
Duplex Floorplan
Duplex 2 storey Facade

New DUPLEX Home and Land Packages

Why Invest In A Duplex?

We believe that building a new strata-titled duplex is the only reliable way to see a substantial development profit (Equity after Build) and a positive cash flow.

Building Duplexes allows investors to maximise the potential of the land without having to subdivide, duplexes also create increased equity and get higher returns on investment capital. 

Duplexes are Ideal for investors who wish to:

  • Generate capital uplift after Strata Titling
  • Sell one unit to reduce debt on the one they are keeping
  • Keep both units to generate income
  • Use gearing benefits to assist in cash flow to support the investment
  • Use the cash flow to pay down debts
  • Generate two rents from one block of land

Duplexes can be Ideal for owner-occupiers who want:

  • Keep one unit and sell one unit
  • Keep one unit and rent one unit to tenants
  • Accommodate other family members

Dual Occupancy New Home Packages

Dual Key Home Facade
Dual key floorplan
Dual Occupancy Facade




What is a dual occupancy/auxiliary?

A dual occupancy offers you two legally rentable homes (instead of one) on one title. This enables you to create a higher yield than a single dwelling in the same allotment of land.

In many instances, these properties are cash-flow positive for investors and offer great depreciation benefits, and with two incomes, if a tenant vacates, one income continues until a suitable replacement is found.

Sometimes referred to by other names such as dual-key or dual dwelling, a dual occupancy/auxiliary offers two homes joined together by a common firewall and built on the one title. Usually, there is reduced rates payable on the auxiliary unit, and no body corporate fees. They can be purchased by both investors or owner-occupiers.

Generally, we can get approvals to build these homes on standard residential blocks of land, and Council fees are less than duplexes, and it’s normally a straight forward building application. Rules vary across each Council Area.

Each self-contained unit is completely independent and separately fenced, with separate water, internet, and power metering.

There is typically a 3 or 4 bedroom “main dwelling” and a smaller 1 or 2 bedroom “auxiliary unit". Sizes and configurations will vary across different council areas.

At New Property and Finance we have literally been involved in hundreds of dual occupancy builds for our clients. We are passionate about finding the best dual occupancy opportunities for our clients and have an extensive network of industry professionals to allow us to provide the best high yielding properties.

We use our team of building designers and drafts people to offer the most aesthetic facades and effective floor plans.

We then have our panel of approved builders tender for the build providing us with the best price and timeframe for the build. This enables us to offer our clients a well designed and more competitive product.

The rules regarding dual occupancy properties can be complex and in fact, they are different across every State and Council area. We have the expert staff and team members to be able to provide you with up to the minute advice on what you can build and how you can maximise your investment. If you’re interested in dual occupancy Auxiliary dwellings or finding out more about them, you should enquire below.