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Moneysmart gives great advice regarding mixing property and your self-managed super.

Understand the rules, costs and risks of setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to invest in residential property.

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SMSF property investment

SMSF property investment can be a great option for those looking to manage their own Superannuation investments.

Property investment is often seen as being less risky than other forms of investment. However, while it may seem more straightforward, there are pitfalls to be aware of; we recommend that every investment requires proper due diligence, especially when it involves an SMSF.

We have numerous investment options available for the savvy SMSF manager and can refer those seeking Superannuation investment advice to the relevant qualified independent advisors.

When purchasing a new property with your SMSF, you must ensure that you comply with the rules. This includes ensuring that the property meets the sole purpose test, is not acquired from a related party, is not lived in by a related party, and is not rented by a related party.

If there is borrowing for the property's purchase, then there are further strict borrowing conditions that must be adhered to. The loan must be a limited recourse borrowing arrangement which means that you can only purchase a single asset. This means that if you are purchasing a new property, it must be on a single contract and not a split contract (i.e. land contract and construction contract).

We can offer a range of SMSF eligible new property investments, including apartments, townhouses, and SMSF house and land packages.

We also have the key relationships to refer and guide you to the required industry professionals to make your SMSF property investment journey a smooth one. These include financial planning professionals, accountants, finance brokers and advisors.


Townhouses / Town Homes

A townhouse or townhome is a type of medium-density housing that forms part of a larger complex. A townhouse if often uniform and is many cases has an adjoining or shared wall. They can offer a great investment opportunity or a convenient low maintenance option for an owner-occupier.

A townhouse can offer a great investment opportunity and are often located in areas that are within the outer city limits. At New Property Australia we provide both individual townhouses as well as the opportunity to invest and develop a raw project as a small-scale development.

We have a large network of builders and developers which gives us access to a great number of townhouse developments across Australia. In each instance we undertake careful analysis of the investment fundamentals to ensure that the property makes for a smart investment choice for our client’s portfolio.

For clients looking to undertake a small-scale development project we have an extensive network of contacts and professional associates to put together the project for you and make the process as straight forward as possible


Townhouse Advantages:

  • Townhouses can often be in outer city areas and located close to key amenities.
  • Generally, there is more room than an apartment and, in many cases, there is an exclusive use outdoor area or courtyard.
  • Body corporates generally offer an opportunity for low maintenance, taking care of common areas and shared facilities.
  • Shared amenities and facilities can be an attractive feature for both owner-occupiers and investors alike.
  • The smaller size can mean lesser fees associated with rates, heating and cooling, and other utilities.
  • Single-contract purchases for apartments allows them to be eligible for purchase in a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.

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